Farzaneh Derakhshan

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department, Illinois Tech

Ph.D. Pure and Applied logic [ CV ]
Carnegie Mellon University

Address: 208F Stuart Building, 10 W 31st Street,
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60616

Email: fd [at] iit [dot] edu

I am an assistant professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the computer science department. My research focuses on using formal techniques to ensure the safety and security of concurrent programs.

I am looking for motivated Ph.D. students.
If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch.


  • Towards end-to-end verified TEEs via verified interface conformance and certified compilers. Farzaneh Derakhshan, Zichao Zhang, Amit Vasudevan, and Limin Jia. 36th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, Pages 315-330, 2023. [ PDF ] [ Slides ]

  • Modal crash types for intermittent computing. Farzaneh Derakhshan, Myra Dotzel, Milijana Surbatovich and Limin Jia. In 32nd European Symposium on Programming (ESOP), Pages 168-196, 2023. [ PDF ] [ Slides ]

  • Session logical relations for noninterference. Farzaneh Derakhshan, Stephanie Balzer, and Limin Jia. In 36th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS). Pages 1-14. IEEE 2021. [ PDF ] [ TR ]

  • Circular proofs as session typed processes: a local validity condition. Farzaneh Derakhshan and Frank Pfenning. In Logical Methods in Computer Science (LMCS) 18, 2022. [ PDF ]

  • Human-centered automated proof search. Wilfried Sieg and Farzaneh Derakhshan. In Journal of Automated Reasoning 65.8, 1153-1190, 2021. [ PDF ]

  • Uniform interpolation in substructural logics. Majid Alizadeh, Farzaneh Derakhshan, Hiroakira Ono. In The Review of Symbolic Logic 7 (3), 455-483, 2014. [ PDF ]

Manuscripts Under submission

  • Recursive Session Logical Relations. Farzaneh Derakhshan and Stephanie Balzer [PDF]

Thesis and Technical reports

  • Session-Typed Recursive Processes and Circular Proofs. Farzaneh Derakhshan , PhD Dissertation, CMU. [ PDF ]

  • Strong Progress for Session-Typed Processes in a Linear Metalogic with Circular Proofs . Farzaneh Derakhshan and Frank Pfenning. [ PDF ]

Professional Activities

Program committees

Selected Talks

  • Towards End-to-End Verified TEEs via Verified Interface Conformance and Interface-Preserving Compilers.
    Farzaneh Derakhshan, Zichao Zhange, Amit Vasudevan, and Limin Jia. Workshop on Principles of Secure Compilation (
    PriSC 2023 ). [ Video ]

  • Noninterference for session-typed processes.
    Farzaneh Derakhshan, Stephanie Balzer, and Limin Jia. 16th Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security (
    PLAS 2021 ). [ Slides ]

  • Infinitary proof theory of first order linear logic with fixed points.
    Farzaneh Derakhshan. ASL North American Annual Meeting (virtual), Special Session on Proof Theory, March 2020. [
    Slides ] [ Video ]

  • Session-Typed Recursive Processes and Circular Proofs.
    Farzaneh Derakhshan. PhD proposal, Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University. Advised by Frank Pfenning, May 2020. [
    Slides ]

  • Computational interpretation of substructural proofs.
    Farzaneh Derakhshan, ASL North American Annual Meeting. Logic and Philosophy Special Session, May 2018.


Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Fall 2023: CS536. Science of Programming

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Logic and Proofs

  • Logic and Mathematical Inquiry